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China Detox Foot Pad Manufacturers

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चौकशी पाठवा

पीडीएफ डाउनलोड

उत्पादन वर्णन

उत्पादनाचे नाव: डेटॉक्स फूट पॅच

मुख्य घटक: बांबू व्हिनेगर,लाकूड व्हिनेगर,टूरलाइन,chitin,loquat पान,houttuynia cordata thunb,vitamin C,dextrinवगैरे

उत्पादन कार्यक्षमता:

1.Remove toxins from the body,promote blood circulation and metabolism,improve body organs function,improve immunity.

2.Promote sleep,relieve fatigue,to be energetic.

3.Remove the body moisture,quickly relieve the pressure on a foot or joint parts.

4.Activation of cells,reproduce healthy skin,glossy state,anti-aging.


यासाठी लागू होईलः

Beauty and fitness people.

Constipation,bad breath,body odor,foot smelly.

उप-आरोग्य राज्य लोक.

संगणक कर्मचारी

Work pressure,long-term populations affected by radiation.

Prolonged standing,walking people.

Neck,shoulders,waist,legs pain,swelling.

कसे वापरायचे:

1. आपले पाय चांगले स्वच्छ करा.

2. Take out the patch,peel off the release paper of the adhesive patch.

3. पॅचला चिकट पॅचच्या मध्यभागी ठेवा (शब्दांशिवाय सॉफ्ट साइड त्वचेशी संपर्क साधा).

4. Place the patch on the foot and other uncomfortable parts of the body,each patch for 6-8 hours.

5. Peel off the patch after using,wash your feet well.



1. उच्च हायग्रोस्कोपिकतेमुळे बाहेरील पॅकिंग पेपर उघडल्यानंतर ताबडतोब त्याचा वापर करावा.

2. पॅच पासून पावडर बाहेर घेऊ नका.

3. Please keep your feet dry when using.

4. If abnormal skin conditions occurs when using,please stop using immediately.

5. कृपया लक्षात ठेवा की पॅच वापरताना औषधे आपणास मोजे किंवा बूट करताना ठेवतात.

Storage: Sealed,keep in cool place.



Offer OEM&ODM Service

As the professional manufacturer base of patches,MEDITAN can customize all kinds of patches according to customers' formulation,existing brand name.

आम्ही बर्याच भिन्न वापरासाठी सानुकूल मालकीच्या फॉर्म्युला तयार करण्याची क्षमता देखील देतो.

Meanwhile,we are able to print customers logo and company information on the patches,packing bag and box.

The Transdermal Patches we can do:

आकारः 7 ए -7 सीएम / 7 ए -10 सीएम / 8 ए -12 सीएम / 9ए -12 सीएम / 10 ए -18 सीएम / 12 ए -18 सीएम इ.

कापड: लवचिक कापड, न विणलेल्या कापड, स्पुनलेस फॅब्रिक, सूती फॅब्रिक इ.

Air holes: non-porous,porous,pinhole

रिलीझ पेपर / फिल्म: सिलिकॉन पेपर, पीईटी फिल्म, कोरेगेटेड फिल्म, एम्बॉसिंग फिल्म

Adhesives color: White,Black,Red,Yellow,Green,Brown or Customized

आपण आपला स्वतःचा लोगो मुद्रित करू शकता:

Fabric,Release paper/film,Packaging pouch,Packaging box


कंपनी प्रोफाइल

Established in October 2014,Anhui Miao De Tang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in R&D,production and sales of transdermal patches,health foods,biomedicine,cosmetics,and pharmaceutical machinery.

MEDITAN has a total registered capital of 1 million USD,more than 200 employees,an annual output value of nearly 10 million USD,a clean workshop covering an area of 18000 m³,more than 200 automated machinery and equipment,a professional R&D team which more than 10 peoples,and a perfect quality management system.

MEDITANhas been committed to the export business of transdermal patches,such as pain relief patch,capsicum plaster,tiger plaster,cooling gel patch,corn removal plaster,motion sickness patch,detox foot pad and other products for many years.

It has a professional sales team of more than 20 people which committed to offering high-end OEM/ODM products and services for the customer from all over the world.

बाजार आणि ग्राहकासह वैयक्तिकृत सेवेची संकल्पना विचारात घेतली.

OEM/ODM service is available and welcome,we will customize the exclusive brand for our partners with the smallest MOQ to help the terminal market sales.

आम्ही नजीकच्या भविष्यात अधिक भागीदारांसह सहकार्य करण्याची आणि एकत्र वाढण्याची आशा करतो. Marketï¼ विकसित करण्यासाठी आम्ही आपल्याबरोबर काम करण्यास उत्सुकतेने वाट पाहत आहोत




Immediately Understand

प्रश्न 1: आपण निर्माता किंवा ट्रेडिंग कंपनी आहात का?

A: We are the manufacturer with ourself factory,and we have years of production experience for transdermal medicinal patches.

प्रश्न 2: आपला फायदा काय आहे? आम्ही आपण का निवडले?

A: 1) We are a professional ODM/OEM Service China Supplier of a wide range of Medical Patch & Health Care Product,small order can acceptable.

2) We have an outstanding team in research & development,are capable of assisting our global clients with the development of New Products.

3) Our people will always provide effective cost service,prompt response to inquiries,reasonable price to meet all costumer demands.

प्रश्न 3: आपण नि: शुल्क नमुना देऊ शकता का? शिपिंग किंमत किती?

A: Yes,5~10 pieces Free Sample can be offered for testing while the shipping fee should paid by customer. Geenerally shipping cost is about $40-70 via DHL or EMS,normally you can receive the sample about 5-7 days.

प्रश्न 4: ऑर्डर कशी करावी?

A:First,you select the product and let me know your order quantity and package request. We will quote you price offer and freight. If it is acceptable for you,we would send you Proforma Invoice for your payment.  Then,we would arrange the production after receiving the payment. Once finished,we would arrange shipment and inform you the shipping details.

For further information,please contact our seller,we will offer warm-hearted service to you.

गरम टॅग्ज: चीन डिटॉक्स फूट पॅड उत्पादक, चीन डिटॉक्स फुट पॅड उत्पादक, चीनमधील डिटॉक्स फुट पॅड उत्पादक, बल्क चाइना डिटॉक्स फुट पॅड उत्पादक, चीन डिटॉक्स फुट पॅड उत्पादक मुक्त नमुना खरेदी करा

संबंधित श्रेणी

चौकशी पाठवा

कृपया खालील फॉर्ममध्ये आपली चौकशी करण्यास मोकळ्या मनाने. आम्ही 24 तासांत आपल्याला प्रत्युत्तर देऊ.